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Marine OCS Sample Schedule

With the help of our good friends over at USMC OCS Blog , we have a sample Winter OCS schedule from 2008. While your daily routine at OCS might vary slightly this year, the weekly layout is almost identical to what our interviewed OCS 2016 graduates went through.

You can expect at a minimum the following:

  • In-processing week

  • Stenciling everything

  • Pick up day (meet your Sergeant Instructors)

  • Yelling loudly and running everywhere

  • Eating faster than you’ve ever eaten in your life

  • Hours upon hours of drill

  • Picking up footlockers above your head

  • Class, class, and class

  • By the numbers movments

  • “Showering” quickly

  • Fire watch (aka guard duty)

  • Physical training

  • Losing gear/uniforms

  • Sweating constantly

  • Uniform and gear inspections

  • Constant state of hunger

  • Haircuts

  • Sleep deprivation

  • PX Calls (refilling on supplies unless your brought them)

  • Being annoyed with other candidates

  • Sunday church service (aka nap time for some)

  • Hiking with a 30-50lb pack several miles

  • Field Exercises (FEX)

  • Constantly washing clothes

  • Squad Unit Leadership Exercises (SULEs)

  • Constantly cleaning your rifle

  • Leadership Reaction Course (LRC)

  • Constantly cleaning the squad bay

  • Weekend liberty

  • Written exams

  • Obstacle course

  • Muscular endurance course

  • Endurance course

  • Confidence course

  • Tarzan course

  • PFT (Physical Fitness Test)

  • CFT (Combat Fitness Test)

  • Pugil sticks

  • Motivational run

  • Day/Night land navigation

  • Fartlek runs

  • Briefings

  • “MCMAP”

  • Peer evaluations

  • Field meet

Lastly, this schedule is for the ten week cycle so all you “six weekers” can expect your schedule to be more condensed and in some cases more hectic.

Send us a message if you have any questions regarding the schedule or above listed events.


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