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ATTENTION all Norwich parents and future ROOKS:

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of items your child needs for matriculation?

Are you unsure what brands and types of items will work best for the rigors of military school life?

Are you afraid you might purchase something for you child that could get them in trouble?

Are you concerned about the number of hours/days/weeks it will take you to find all these items?

Are you trying to find an affordable solution to solve all these problems?

Then we can help!

Our packing list has been compiled from the official list provided by the commandant's office and the recommendations of countless Senior Military College and Norwich alumni.

Our products have been vetted through personal experience and are exactly what you child will need to succeed and thrive in the uncertain Citadel system.

If you have more directed questions regarding the packing list, specific items, customizing the packing list or about the Norwich in general please don’t hesitate to contact us!

If you need additional assistance outside of messaging let us know and an associate will reach out to you personally.

In order to express its support for each Rook class, FEX Gear donates a percentage of all proceeds back to Norwich directed toward the class fund and Parent's Council.

FEX Gear LLC is owned and operated by Senior Military College Alumni and U.S. Marine Corps Officers.


Norwich Mandatory Packing List 2024


PACK DOES NOT INCLUDE: long johns, handkerchiefs, iron, pajamas, pillow, personal hygiene items, or duffle bag.


Includes all the items below:


  • 10 White Crew Neck Tshirt

  • 10 White Boxer Briefs

  • 10 Black Crew Length Socks

  • 10 Black Athletic Ankle Socks

  • 6 Black Combat Boot Socks

  • 1 Shower Shoes

  • 6 White Cotton Bath Towels

  • 6 Washcloths

  • 1 Running Shoes

  • 3 Black Compression Shorts

  • 1 Comforter Twin/Twin XL (Navy Blue)

  • 4 White Flat Sheet Twin/Twin XL

  • 4 White Pillow Cases

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