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Soffe Silkies Running Shorts
  • Soffe Silkies Running Shorts

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    • 100% Nylon Tricot
    • Running short featuring covered elastic waistband and dolphin hem with taping
    • Inside key pocket
    • Inseam: 2.25"


    Silkies or Ranger panties are known for their popularity among the elite members of our nation's Armed Forces. The Ranger Panty is a go-to short for physical training, undergarment wear, or relaxation. Given the nickname "silkies" because of their smooth feel, ranger panties are slick, cool and comfortable.

    The short inseam and breathable fabric offer zero distractions when training gets tough. They offer maximum ventilation and a full-range of motion, making them a top choice for any intense physical activity. With a luxurious fit and feel, you'll never want to take your silkies off, even after your workout is done.

    • FEX Gear's Take

      Virtually every Marine owns a pair of these magical shorts. Their comfort and look is unparalleled amongst other running shorts. However, it is of note that they are currently not authorized for use in official Marine PT events. Although, wearing them underneath cammies or in the barracks or squad bay for sleeping is entirely acceptable and recommended.

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