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Princeton Tec Fred Headlamp with 16 AAA Batteries
  • Princeton Tec Fred Headlamp with 16 AAA Batteries

    • Max lumens: 35
    • Water resistant
    • One Ultrabright Red LED and three Ultrabright white LED's
    • Four output modes with 74 - 180 hour burn times
    • Sixteen AAA Panasonic batteries included
    • Built for military users


    The Princeton Tec Fred combines ergonomic design, reliable function, and light weight to make one great headlamp. The red LED helps preserve night adjusted vision while still adequately illuminating a campsite, gear bag, or task at hand. A hold of the large push button switches to three Ultrabright white LEDs that provide a flood beam; each color has a high and low mode.


    Check the official Princeton Tec review out here.

    • FEX Gear's Take

      Any Marine or GI worth his salt knows that white light kills night vision. This headlamp is designed with the warfighter in mind, as its first mode is automatically a red LED. Princeton Tec's Fred provides durability, brightness, and comfort all at an extremely affordable cost.

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