Paper Mate Eraser Mate Ballpoint Pen Black Ink Pack of 4

  • 1mm
  • Medium Point
  • Pressurized ink, allows for writing at any angle
  • Erasable ink enables writing like a ballpoint pen yet fix mistakes like a pencil
  • Produces clean, smooth writing on just about any type of surface.
  • FEX Gear's Take

    Servicemembers need writing gear on their persons at ALL times. Black ink is the standard and if you don't have it your're wrong. Aditionally, having the ability to erase anything you write in pen will SAVE YOU HOURS at OCS, or anywhere you need to submit a hand written form. Hand written essays at OCS are abundant, and crossouts are not tolerated on final submissions. Lastly, there may be better quality eraseable pens out on the market, however, this device is more than suitable for all your needs and won't break the bank.


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