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MARPAT Nalgene Bottle

MARPAT Nalgene Bottle

**Bottle tint is darker than it appears, entirely opaque black where there is no MARPAT print**


-Volume: 32 oz (1000ml)

-Height: 8.25in 

-Diameter: 3.5in

-Weight: 6.25oz

-Wide mouth bottle

-100% BPA free

-Made of Tritan

-Leak proof

-Ultimate durability


  • FEX Gear's Take

    Stop using those thin neck, flimsy, and cheap issued canteens! The wide mouth 1 liter water bottles provide durability and temperature resistance superior to standard issue water sources. Thin neck water vessels, as well as standard H2O bladders aka Camelbaks, have poor insulating capabilities and therefore heat up or freeze extremely quickly. However, wide mouth bottles do not! Make the varsity move and get yourself a one of these motivated, field ready, custom MARPAT print bottles!

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